When surveyed and asked who they prefer to have clean their Carpets, Rugs & Upholstery, the Owner or an Employee, consumers ALWAYS choose the Owner. Now you see, that's "who" my business serves. It's for that consumer who realizes that an Owner like myself is Infinitely More Experienced, Better Trained, able to make Higher Level Decisions and more concerned about satisfying the customer than an employee.

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Carpet Protector – Atlanta, GA

The Best Way to Remove Carpet Stains is to Repel Them.

Carpet stains are inevitable. Sooner or later, someone (or on one of your pets) will spill something on your carpet. Successfully removing stains starts before the spill; it starts with carpet protection.

Carpet Protector - Stainshield Professional(r) with C-6 TechnologyThat's why I use StainShield® Professional with C-6  Technology.  It is a safe and effective protective finish that can be applied to virtually any type of carpeting, rug or upholstery to protect against dirt, spots, and stains. StainShield® forms an invisible shield around each individual fiber to lock out dirt and grime, and it repels both water and oil-based soils before they can become stains.

The Greenest, Safest Carpet Protector on the Market

Your family and pets breathe in anything that's in your carpet. This includes not just dirt, but any chemicals applied to your carpets, curtains or upholstery. For this reason, old, environmentally unsafe carpet protectors are being phased out. The EPA has concluded that C-8 and longer chain fluoropolymer chemistries present a concern for environmental persistence, bioaccumulation and toxicity. Manufacturers have voluntarily agreed to phase out C-8 and longer chain fluoropolymer chemistries by January 1, 2015.

Fresh Start is committed to providing green, environmentally safe cleaning products and techniques. (The company is also Green Certified). StainShield® Professional with C-6  however, employs a safer C-6 short chain technology today.

Carpet Protection Makes Cleanup Easy

Superior Wet Spill Protection

Carpet protector - blotting wet spillsUsing a protector before the inevitable spills and spots occur makes it easy to clean and remove the spills.

Here's how it works: my protector shields each individual carpet fiber. Instead of a spill being absorbed into the carpet, it beads up – giving you enough time to easily blot the spill with an absorbent cloth, tissue or sponge.

Superior Dry Soil Protection

carpet protector - dry soil removalProtecting your carpet also makes it easy to vacuum dry soils.

You do not have to spill dirt on a carpet in order to experience dry soils. Dust is attracted to your carpets every  single day. StainShield® Professional with C-6  creates a microscopic barrier of protection that prevents dry soil from attaching to the fibers and contributing to stains. Protecting your carpet makes dirt, dust and other dry soils easy to remove with a vacuum.

Protect your Carpet Against Wear and Abrasion

StainShield® Professional with C-6 features excellent wear and abrasion resistance. Carpets, rugs, and upholstery treated with StainShield  protector will withstand normal household and commercial foot-traffic.

For superior continual protection, StainShield® Professional with C-6 should be reapplied every 12-18 months as part of a maintenance program.

Advantages of My Carpet Protection Services

  • Invisible and odorless when dry
  • Protects from food and drink accidents
  • Repels oils, water and dirt
  • Helps save your traffic areas from becoming destroyed
  • Won’t change the feel or color of your carpets, upholstery or rug
  • Extends the life of your carpets, upholstery & rugs
  • Prevents dirt and dust from becoming “ground-in”
  • Makes my next professional carpet cleaning more effective

My Bottom Line on Carpet Protection

Carpets, rugs and upholstery treated with StainShield® Professional with C-6  Technology look newer and stay cleaner longer.

When you call call 770.575.5758 or fill out my honest carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning quote request form, indicate you are interested in my carpet protection services. Once you request my natural allergy relief treatment, I will apply it after your cleaning.

Remember, it's not a matter of if something will spill on your carpet, it's a matter of when. Call us now.

Contact me today for an honest quote.

I personally answer every call & email.

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