Think you may have to replace your wrinkly, buckling carpet? Read our client’s success story.

The Problem: Unsightly, Buckling Carpet = Unappealing Rental

Carpet Repair Atlanta - BEFORE Restretching

Wrinkly Carpet -Before Our Professional Restretching Services

A property investor was having dinner with one of his friends, who happened to be one of my clients.

He mentioned that he would have to replace the carpets in the upper level of his property in Virginia Highlands, despite the fact that they had been installed for less than 5 years.

In addition to being left extensively soiled by previous tenants, the carpets were also severely rippled and buckled.

He and his business partner believed the carpets were beyond repair, and had already begun soliciting replacement quotes. The least expensive quote came in at $1,200.

Can This Carpet Be Repaired?

My client insisted that before the investor shelled out $1,200, he should let me take a look at the carpets to see if anything could be done.

I inspected the carpets and noticed that they were relatively new, and that the stains could be removed. It appeared to me that the carpet buckling had been caused by improper installation (using knee kickers instead of a power stretcher).

Note: if you get a carpet installation quote that seems too good to be true, make sure they are installing your carpet the right way using professional grade equipment.

After thoroughly inspecting the entire upper level, I assured the property investor that we could restore the carpet for a fraction of the $1,200 it would cost to replace it.

Carpet Restretching Results – Atlanta, GA

We deep cleaned the carpet and restretched it, restoring it to almost new condition. Now, our client could confidently put the property back on the market to start attracting renters, and he didn’t have to pay a small fortune to do so.

Professional Carpet Services Provided

Client Review – Our Carpet Restretching Services

Here’s a review from another one of our real estate investor clients (Woodstock, GA).

Carpet Looked Awesome … Smelled Much Better

I am placing my house up for rent and needed the carpets cleaned and stretched and generally made to look almost like new for potential renters. I called around to a few places on Angie’s List, but Chris is the only one that actually answered the phone. He was very friendly and listened to exactly what I needed. I had to reschedule with him the night before our original appointment, and he was very flexible and courteous. He showed up on time at the rescheduled appointment and completed the services in the estimated time frame. My carpet looked awesome when he was done and the whole place smelled so much better. He actually took extra time to remove the ground in dirt from my high traffic area by the back door.

Think You Have to Replace Your Carpet? Call today.

Atlanta Carpet Repair - Stretching

Restretching our client’s carpet with a professional stretcher.

As an IICRC Certified Carpet Repair & Restretching Technician with 20 years of experience, I am often able to salvage a wrinkled and buckling carpet, making it look new.

My carpet repair and restretching services, combined with expert deep cleaning, saves clients thousands of dollars they would otherwise have to pay replacing their carpets.

Call 770.575.5758 or click here for your honest carpet stretching price quote.

Atlanta Carpet Repair - AFTER Restretching

After re-stretching using the right equipment: no more wrinkles!


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