We love our dogs and cats and consider them part of the family. They can wreak havoc on our carpets and other flooring, however.

Carpet repair atlanta pet problems

Many of my clients are pet owners, and here are the top 3 reasons they need to have their carpets repaired. In most cases, they start out thinking they need to replace the carpet and are relieved to find out they can save thousands of dollars by simply having their carpets professionally repaired.

Carpet Repair Reason #1 – Clawing

Whether it’s because their  pet is “young and frisky” or trying to get out of a locked room, my clients are amazed at how much damage can be done to a carpet in a short period of time. Clawing can quickly reduce carpet to shredded mess (especially if it is Berber carpet). Fortunately, a professional carpet repair expert with professional materials can often replace the shredded piece of carpet seamlessly.

Carpet Repair Reason # 2 – Pet “Accident” Stains

If a pet “accident” is not treated properly, stains become the least of the problems. Bio matter will leak through the carpet padding and get absorbed into the floor, often causing a lingering unpleasant odor. In order to repair the carpet, we have to cut through to the padding, thoroughly clean and treat the floor and wait for it to completely dry before replacing the padding and  carpet.

Carpet Repair Reason #3 – Using the Wrong Cleaning Solvent

Last, but certainly not least, is using the wrong cleaning solvents to clean pet stains. Some of the solvents may be simply to harsh for your carpet and might end up stripping off the color. The solution to this problem also involves repairing the carpet by replacing a section.

In some cases, you may not need your carpet replaced at all. Here are a few customer testimonials.

All Dog Stains Removed


Fresh Start was able to come to my house at a moments notice. I had a lot of dog stains and they are all removed and the carpet smells great. Chris was very professional and I will use him again for sure! Thank you.

Provided Service Unique to My Carpets


After reading all the reviews about “Chris” and Fresh Start I was hoping to receive the same great experience that the reviews gushed about. I did have that same treatment from start to finish. They took their time and asked the right questions and provided me with the service that was unique to my carpets which were badly stained from pets. So far, all the stains are gone and my carpets look great for 10 year old carpet! Thanks Fresh Start for buying me a little more time before replacing my carpet!

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