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Why do families choose carpeted flooring? Carpet is the perfect solution to ugly flooring because it easily conceals dings, dents and other flaws. Carpets add cushioning to the floor, making it safer for wobbly toddlers that fall and bump into everything. With a wide variety of designs and textures, carpet makes it possible to change the look and feel of a room.

While a lot of carpets are made to last for years, the problem is they don’t wear evenly. Some areas or spots get damaged more easily than others, hence the need for carpet repair.

Here are the carpeted areas of the house are most prone to ugly wear and tear.

1 – Doorways

This is a no-brainer. Because of the frequent opening and closing of doors, the carpet under doorways will wear out faster than the rest of the room.

Wood doors expand and shrink depending on the weather. Therefore, even doors that used to move easily over the carpet could proceed to rub heavily against the fibers.

2 – Steps

The amount of foot traffic wears down the carpet material, which is pretty understandable, as even hard surfaces tend to exhibit the same types of damage. The height of fibers on areas people normally walk on will be different from those on the sides, which people tend to avoid.

3 – Heavy Furniture or Appliances

Any spot where there’s heavy furniture or appliances is prone to show wear and tear before other areas. You can expect spots under cabinets or armoires, tables, and couches to have dents or even discoloration.

How to Repair or Prevent Damaged Carpet

Fortunately, damaged carpets are not lost causes because there are professionals who can clean, repair and/or stretch them so they look new again.

Regular, professional cleaning will extend the life of your carpet.  You can expect to have to re-stretch areas of properly installed and maintained carpet every five years.  Damaged areas should be repaired as soon as possible.

Carpet re-stretching and repair costs a small fraction of what it takes to have new carpets installed. On top of this, it’s a job that can be completed much faster than installation.


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