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Is your carpet looking the worse for wear? Does it sport distracting and potentially hazardous waves? Is it dotted with obvious stains? Does it indicate the undeniable presence of pets? A dirty, messed up carpet can certainly give a room a seedy look, so you may think that it’s about time that you replace your carpet. It’s not in the budget and it might leave you a little bit (or a lot) in debt, but what can you do? You can’t keep on co-existing with dingy flooring.

Thankfully, you may be able to revive your carpet to avoid the steep expense of a replacement. There are great alternatives that you can opt for instead. That’s why carpet care services exist out there. They do everything from stain removal to deodorization, to bonded inserts, to specialty spot dyeing, etc. For a fraction of the cost of replacement, you can have your carpet looking fantastic again.

The following are some of the solid options for homeowners may go for:

  1. Deep cleaning

    Professional carpet cleaning is a great and significantly cheaper alternative to replacing an old and shabby-looking carpet. This is nothing like the DIY cleaning process you can read about online. This involves intensive cleaning solutions that can eliminate even the most stubborn stains. Your carpet will look clean and feel clean. Deep cleaning will also eradicate mites, fleas, and other no-see-ums that may lurk within the pile. You’ll have a more hygienic room in the end.

  2. Carpet stretching

    This is the solution for carpets that are beginning to ripple or bunch up in some places, which may happen on account of normal wear, but most frequently due to the rearranging of heavy furniture or outright mistakes in installation or manufacturing. Do not ignore even a slight ripple as it will definitely get progressively worse if not repaired right away. For this, the type of repair necessary is carpet care services do this by pulling up the ends of the carpet, stretching the carpet until it’s taut, cutting out the excess, and putting the carpet back in place. It will then be secured to prevent future relaxation.

  3. Carpet repair

    There are different ways to repair a carpet, depending on the problem. With stains, rips, thinning, pet urine, and other issues that are concentrated in one area, carpet patching may be the solution. With the difference in cost, a carpet patch is a better choice than an entire replacement.

Don’t be too hasty in dismissing your carpet as a lost cause. With excellent carpet care service, you can enjoy many more years with it.

In some cases, you may not need your carpet replaced at all. Here are a few customer testimonials.

Extremely pleased


Timely, courteous, professional, hard-working, thorough, and efficient. I would recommend your company to anyone seeking carpet cleaning services. We also had to have some carpet wrinkles stretched out, and, while it was not cheap, it looks much better. The house will be listed soon, and this is one of the final touch-up’s that was left. The carpet looks almost new.

Great carpet restretching


Called Chris after another company did one room and over charged us. Chris did the upstairs, was very professional and the price was fair. He was very communicative and easy to schedule, came out on time, and did a great job. Was so happy with his service that now I’m about to call him for carpet cleaning.

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