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Oh, no Fido!

If your dog or cat has an accident on your carpet, handle it right now!  The longer you wait, the tougher the pet stain will be to remove.

The Dreaded Pet Odor Avalanche Effect

A pet stain left on the carpet will also increase your chances of experiencing the pet odor avalanche effect.  The avalanche effect occurs when your pet returns to the same spot to stain it over and over again.

The avalanche effect is caused by pet stains and odors that seep through to the carpet padding or subfloor, making them more difficult to remove. The stain could become permanent in just a few short hours, especially with some light colored fibers.


Pet Stain and Odor Removal Tips


Here are the steps you should take after your pet has soiled your carpet:


Step 1 – Clean The Pet Stain Now


If your pet has left droppings of the solid variety, pick it up immediately.  If your pet has urinated, use a wet-vac to suck up as much liquid as possible. Once the initial offense has been removed, go after the spot left behind.

Step 2 – Apply Spot Remover.


Picture of Marietta Carpet Spot RemoverUse a low residue spot remover on fresh stains or an enzyme spot remover if the stain has been in the fiber for more than a few hours. If you are one of my customers, you should have received a bottle of our enzyme remover with your last cleaning.


If you are using enzyme stain remover, allow it to set for at least 20 minutes or according to the label.  The enzyme spot remover actually digests the bacteria associated with the odor in urine and works well for spots that have been in the carpet for more than a few hours.


Step 3 – Rinse and Extract Thoroughly

Then, rinse with stained area with plain water and extract any water left in the carpet with a wet-vac.


Step 4 – Call the Professionals


Finally, call your professional Atlanta Pet Odor Removal Specialist immediately for a follow-up cleaning. Only they can get that deep down clean that will prevent the avalanche effect.


Following these steps as spelled out will not only get your carpet clean after  your pet has soiled your carpet but it will prevent them from returning to the spot for future “accidents.”


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