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Tile and Grout Cleaning - Atlanta, GA

Oh, the joy of cleaning tile grout. The excruciating pain of being on your hands and knees for hours. The sore muscles from scrubbing with a toothbrush. The smarting eyes and burning sinuses from using harsh chemicals.

And the worst part? After those hours of pain, you often end up with grout that is nowhere near as clean as it needs to be.

If you'd rather mosh-pit dive into a lion's den wearing an outfit made of pork chops, if you'd rather undergo an IRS audit than clean your grout again, I am here to help.


Effective Tile and Grout Cleaning Made Easy

My company's truck-mounted high-powered equipment, environmentally friendly products, and germ-killing heated water can get your grout sparkling like new.

Nasty germs and bacteria and unsightly ground in stains don’t stand a chance against my expertise, equipment and powerful cleaning solutions.

Fresh Start’s Tile & Grout Cleaning Procedure

Step 1 - Clear the Floor

I carefully remove your sofas, chairs and tables so that the surface is as clear as possible.

Grout Cleaning Atlanta - Moving Furniture

Step 2 - Apply Cleaner to Tile and Grout

I will pre-treat your area with my earth safe cleaner. The cleaner goes to work, so that my high-powered equipment can make short shrift of those stubborn stains.

Grout Cleaning Atlanta - Applying Cleaner

Step 3 - Launch Truck-Powered Grout Cleaning Equipment

My incredibly powerful truck-mounted equipment provides 800 lbs of pressure and 230 degrees of heat to your knock out germs, bacteria and stains.

Truck-Mounted Grout Cleaning Equipment Atlanta

Step 4 - My “Mytee” Power Tool Sucks Dirt off Your Tiles

The dual spinners in my power tool is encased in a covered dome and bordered by brushes that scrub and flush out stubborn stains. With the covered dome, soil, dirt, grime and residue is sucked into a recovery tank attached to my van.

As you can see from this picture, the heaviest part of the equipment stays in the truck and off your floors.

Grout Cleaning Power Tool

Step 5 - Extra Tough Grout Grime is Treated by Hand

In rare cases, my power tools are not able to remove all of the long-term, ground in dirt. If that happens, I will use a hand-held tool to remove it.

Grout Cleaning by Hand - Atlanta

Step 6 - Don't Forget the Edges

I use another hand-held tool to get into the crevices at the edges and stubborn grout valleys.

Grout Cleaning Floor Edges by Hand

Step 7 - Inspection

With another once-over, I inspect the floor to make sure your grout is in the cleanest state possible.

Inspecting the Effectiveness of Grout Cleaning

Step 8 - Turbo Rinse

It's time to bring out the "Mytee" tool again, this time to rinse your tile to remove all of the residue.

Grout Cleaning Atlanta - Rinsing

Step 9 - Quick Dry

The truck-mounted, commercial-grade air mover dries your tile in minutes, so that you and your family can begin walking on your floors.

Grout Cleaning in Atlanta - Drying the Floor

Step 10 - Return your Furniture

With a dry floor, it's time to move your sofas, chairs and tables back into place.

Sparkling Clean Grout - The Hassle-free Way

Grout Cleaning - Before    Picture of Atlanta Grout Cleaning

Cleaning grout is one of the most thankless jobs around. You can rely on Fresh Start to get your grout clean while you spend your precious time doing something else.

I invite you to call 770.575.5758 or fill out my honest tile and grout cleaning quote request form.

I personally answer every call & email.

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