3 signs carpet restretched


After several years of use, your home’s carpet may need to be re-stretched in order to prevent accidents. The earlier you have your carpet stretched, the more money you will save.

How would you know when it’s time?

Atlanta carpet re-stretching professionals offer 3 clues that it is time to re-stretch your carpet.

Sign # 1 – Base Structure Damage

The first sign that you should watch out for is damage to the base structure, including cuts. When a substantial amount of the carpet’s base is damaged, the surrounding area becomes loose.

Sign #2 – Wrinkles and Lumps

A carpet may need to be re-stretched even if it doesn’t show significant damage.

A second sign is wrinkles and lumps. Do take note that wrinkles and lumps often come as a result of traffic and contact with supporting furniture. For additional information on the cause of carpet buckling, click here.

Sign #3 – Lifted Edges

For a third sign that your carpet needs re-stretching, check the edges of your carpet. A carpet that needs to be restretched has edges that have lifted up from the base. For the top 3 areas prone to wear and tear, click here.

The key to getting the best results from carpet re-stretching is having the right tools and knowing exactly what you are doing. Otherwise, DIY attempts can only make the problem worse. This is why homeowners are advised to seek the help of a company that specializes in carpet re-stretching.


First-Rate in Every Way (Carpet Stretching Review)

Had Chris re-stretch a room which had improperly installed carpet. Everything from the first phone call to the finish job was first rate. He kept me informed as to his schedule, arrived exactly on time and provided good service at a good price. Will call him again if other carpet needs come up. Link to the original carpet stretching review.

Investment Property (Atlanta Carpet Stretching Review)

I am placing my house up for rent and needed the carpets cleaned and stretched and generally made to look almost like new for potential renters. I called around to a few places on Angie’s List, but Chris is the only one that actually answered the phone. He was very friendly and listened to exactly what I needed. I had to reschedule with him the night before our original appointment, and he was very flexible and courteous. He showed up on time at the rescheduled appointment and completed the services in the estimated time frame. My carpet looked awesome when he was done and the whole place smelled so much better. He actually took extra time to remove the ground in dirt from my high traffic area by the back door.


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