Carpet buckling can ruin a perfectly stylish space. The creases in the floor covering can quickly turn into an eyesore, and pretty soon, it may be the only thing guests notice.

carpet buckling


An unsightly carpet, however, is just the beginning. Carpet buckling is also an accident just waiting to happen.

The key to avoiding this hazard is knowledge.  By knowing the three most common causes of carpet buckling, you can not only prevent it, you can also prolong the life of your carpet.

Cause 1 – Poor Installation by Untrained Workers

Carpet installation requires expertise and experience. Untrained installers may neglect to stretch the floor covering before securing it in place.

A power stretcher is required to do this job to prevent future chances of buckling. In fact, improper installation almost always guarantees that your carpet will bunch up or wrinkle over time.

Aside from not stretching the carpet with a power stretcher, failing to install proper padding may also lead to buckling. If the under pad used by your installer isn’t dense enough, it will not provide sufficient support and will create wrinkles or waves later on.

Cause 2 – Excessive Humidity and Heat

Temperature will affect the condition of your carpet. Humidity is recognized as the biggest contributor to carpet buckling.

The moisture in a humid environment will pierce through the carpet and cause it to swell. Once moisture levels return to normal, though, your carpet may lay flat again, provided the buckling isn’t too severe.

Steam-cleaning by inexperienced technicians can also cause buckling.

Here’s the kicker; the problem doesn’t even need to be in the carpeted room.  If the room below the carpeted room is humid, it might cause your carpet to buckle.

Cause 3 – Older Carpets

Carpets will get old. They may get old faster when your home has heavy foot traffic. High-traffic rooms have an increased chance of buckling.

Other activities, such as dragging heavy items and improper vacuuming, can also lead to buckling.

If your carpet is in this condition, you may want to consider carpet re-stretching. Atlanta homeowners like you could save a great deal of money and end up with a smooth, secure and cleaner carpet.

With severe cases of waves or wrinkles, augmenting re-stretching with professional carpet repair is a smart move.

Carpet Stretching – Home for Sale

Timely, courteous, professional, hard-working, thorough, and efficient. I would recommend your company to anyone seeking carpet cleaning services. We also had to have some carpet wrinkles stretched out, and, while it was not cheap, it looks much better. The house will be listed soon, and this is one of the final touch-up’s that was left. The carpet looks almost new.

Great Carpet Re-stretching

Called Chris after another company did one room and over charged us. Chris did the upstairs, was very professional and the price was fair. He was very communicative and easy to schedule, came out on time, and did a great job. Was so happy with his service that now I’m about to call him for carpet cleaning.

Honest and Reliable – Carpet Stretching

After a recent floor repair, I needed the carpet in my sunroom relayed & stretched back in place. Chris provided a reasonable quote over the phone based on the square footage of the room. He arrived on time as promised and completed the work quickly and professionally. He also took care of a large stain in the room. I am extremely impressed with the overall experience and attention to detail I received. This is definitely a company that I will use again and refer to others.

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