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Effective Carpet Repair: Atlanta Homeowners’ Guide to Addressing Pet Damage

  Pets are considered members of the family. They provide love, companionship, and hours of entertainment. As much as we cherish our furry friends, however, it is no secret that they will inevitably cause some kind of chaos in your home. They could go running all over the house, causing things to drop and liquids …

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Carpet Repair – 3 Top Reasons Pet Owners Replace or Repair Carpet

We love our dogs and cats and consider them part of the family. They can wreak havoc on our carpets and other flooring, however. Many of my clients are pet owners, and here are the top 3 reasons they need to have their carpets repaired. In most cases, they start out thinking they need to …

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Pet Stain Removal: Fido had a Boo Boo on your Carpet? Do This

If your dog or cat has an accident on your carpet, handle it right now!  The longer you wait, the tougher the pet stain will be to remove. The Dreaded Pet Odor Avalanche Effect A pet stain left on the carpet will also increase your chances of experiencing the pet odor avalanche effect.  The avalanche …

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Pet Stains and Odor: The Avalanche Effect

Pet Stain and Odor: The Avalanche Effect We love our pets. They give us unconditional love, constant companionship, and are proven to be good for our overall health. Our carpets, however, are not as fond of our pets as we are. This is especially true when they are a bit “accident” prone. If you think …

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