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Tips for cleaning your upholstery

How to Clean and Protect Your Upholstery

What’s better than sinking into your upholstered couch and putting your feet up after a hard day at work?   Follow these tips to maintain your upholstery’s new, clean look for years to come. Rotate all loose cushions frequently to assure even wear. Vacuum dust & dirt from all fabric, cracks & crevasses. Extend the …

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Do Clients Really Come First? A True Story.

Do clients come first? Yes. ALWAYS!! You know the experts say that you should and can blog about just about anything. They say as long as your post is interesting and somewhat associated with what you do on a daily basis, go for it. I say that because of the situation I happened to find …

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Cleaning Cotton-Based Upholstery

  Because it is sturdy, absorbent, easily dyed, soft and comfortable to touch, cotton is a popular choice for clothing and upholstery. Cotton Clothing vs. Cotton Upholstery Cotton upholstery is very different from your cotton T-shirt. In upholstery, cotton may be blended with other fibers that have different characteristics and dye systems. Often the fabric …

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