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Pets are considered members of the family. They provide love, companionship, and hours of entertainment.

As much as we cherish our furry friends, however, it is no secret that they will inevitably cause some kind of chaos in your home. They could go running all over the house, causing things to drop and liquids to spill. That would be fine if the mess can be cleaned up with some simple wiping – but what if your home is fully or (even partially) carpeted, and you want it to look pristine and stay in good condition for as long as possible?

Can carpets survive the presence of pets?

Top 3 Ways Pets Damage Carpets

Unfortunately, dogs and cats can cause some problems for carpeted homes. Here are the top three ways dogs and cats can damage carpets:

1 – Pet Carpet Damage: Chewing or Ripping 

Dogs are notorious for constantly wanting to chew on things. If they find or manage to pull up a loose edge of carpet, they can keep chewing on it until there’s a soggy mess or a significant hole or tear. Some dogs that have been left in a closed room may feel anxious about getting out and begin to scratch at the floor area around the door, ripping up the carpet in the process.

2 – Pet Carpet Damage: Stains and Odors from Dirt, Mud, Urine or Poo

You can make “people” visitors take off their shoes when they come in from outdoors, but not pets. Your furry friend may end up bounding in after a walk outside – which leads to dirt or mud all over your carpet.

Then there are the occasional “accidents.” Urine or feces can ruin carpets if they are not cleaned up properly, and they leave a lingering odor behind as well.

3 – Pet Carpet Damage: Scratching

Even if responsible pet owners provide scratching posts for their cats, there’s no telling when a cat would choose to sharpen its claws on the carpet instead. If dogs’ nails aren’t properly trimmed, they can snag carpet fibers, too.

What can you do about pet-related carpet damage?

If your carpet is stained, smelly or torn up, fully replacing the carpet doesn’t have to be the only solution. Your local carpet cleaning company may also offer excellent carpet repair; Atlanta homeowners will be relieved to know that addressing the damage that pets do on their carpets won’t have to
cost as much as replacement
—and they’ll get a beautifully restored carpet, too.

Repairing Pet Carpet Damage: Quick Action is the Key

Even before you call in the pros, there are things you can do to minimize the damage. If pet stains are the problem, for example, you can immediately remove the solid waste or vacuum up as much liquid waste as possible, and then use a low residue enzyme spot remover on the fresh stain. Leave it for about 20 minutes, rinse the area with water, and then vacuum all the moisture left. Your carpet cleaning professional will then tackle deeper cleaning when they arrive.

As for torn, long-stained or chewed up carpets, the professionals will cut out the damaged parts and patch in new pieces of matching carpet so it’ll look as good as new. They can use leftover carpet from your last carpet installation job or they may have carpet remnants with them that match your own carpet’s color.

Pets can’t be expected to care about human carpet maintenance objectives – but thankfully, there are professionals who can tackle the problem and leave you with a clean and expertly repaired carpet.

Carpet Repair Review – Atlanta Pet Owners

You cannot tell our carpet was damaged

I have used Fresh Start approximately three times now. Chris, the President and CEO is wonderful. He is knowledgeable, reliable, customer focused and quick to accommodate. We previously had issues with pet stains and odors. Once they applied the pet specific treatment and chemicals, the carpet smelled great and still does to this day. Most recently, we had our carpets repaired, thanks to the handy work of our felines and canines. You cannot tell we ever had any damage. I highly recommend this business.

A tough rug with pet odors galore

Chris was awesome to work with and is definitely a man of his word! I had a tough rug with pet odors galore. It had already been cleaned by another rug cleaning company and the stain was still there, terrible and pungent!!! Chris/Fresh Start promised to get rid of it, no questions asked, quoted me a price and then (even when the rug needed additional work) stuck to it! My rug is clean, smells amazing, and looks brand new! Chris, you’re awesome! Thank you! Erin

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