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Carpet Buckles? Caution! Why you’re likely making a mistake by prolonging your Carpet Stretching service

Aussie boo (Austin) has got something to tell ya..   hay everyone, Austin here – hope you’ve had a blast so far this summer. I know my dad & I have. Lot’s of road trips, discovered new dogie parks and even made some super kewl new friends… and we’ve still got an entire month of summer yet …

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Carpet Stretching Tip – 3 Most Common Causes of Carpet Buckling

Carpet buckling can ruin a perfectly stylish space. The creases in the floor covering can quickly turn into an eyesore, and pretty soon, it may be the only thing guests notice.   An unsightly carpet, however, is just the beginning. Carpet buckling is also an accident just waiting to happen. The key to avoiding this …

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